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Winter Fleece Jacket For Work

October 27, 2017
October 27, 2017 stewart

Winter Fleece Jacket For Work

Get Fleeced

The Versatile Fleece Jacket for all Weathers

Ah, the humble Fleece. Once the staple of school kids and ramblers, the fleece jacket has come a long way since its stereotyped 90’s characterisation. Now it’s not uncommon to see it on the catwalk as designers become more aware of its fashion potential.

Fleece is actually a reference to the type of fabric and can be made into many different garments. Commonly though, it’s used to describe jackets and tops.

Originally made of wool which is known for its warmth and quick drying properties the fleece has evolved, featuring some of the most modern fabric technologies available today. A bewildering number of types have been adapted to suit specific uses and situations.

From the Microfleece which is ideal for layering or mild weather to the heavyweights for extreme cold, you will find a fleece that will marry to your needs.

So, why should you incorporate a fleece into you staff uniform?:

  1. Simply, it keeps you warm; that’s its job after all. Many industries have to work outside whatever the weather throws at them and as a base layer under a waterproof it excels.

The opposite can also be said. The Microfleece is perfect for sportswear being lightweight enough to allow the skin to breath.

  1. Quick Drying. It’s inevitable that you’ll get soaked at some point but fleeces dry remarkably quickly.
  2. Lightweight and Versatile. Easily stuffed in a bag if the sun comes out, unlikely I know, but it’s good to have that option.
  3. Layers. You’ve heard it before, many thinner layers keep you warmer than just the one thick one. Fleeces at perfect for this as you can chose the weight of material and can be used in conjunction with outer waterproofs and thermals.
  4. Value for Money. Fleeces are entirely man made and as such are hard wearing, lasting through wash after wash.

Easily embroidered or printed with your company logo this versatile piece of clothing is a perfect addition to any uniform.

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