Visit Our New Hospitality Leather Apron Site

March 22, 2018 stewart

Visit Our New Hospitality Leather Apron Site

It’s so shiny.

Here at Kylemark if you ask us about the garment we’re most proud of it would probably be our handmade leather aprons. Not surprisingly, it’s one of our most popular lines and as such we thought it deserved a whole website1 to itself.

The new site showcases our full range of leather products. You’ll find our Tablet Pockets, Short and Long Waist, Short and Long Bib and our new Cross Back Long Bib Apron in a clear, easy on the eye format.

You’ll also find out about our different branding techniques helping you decide which is best for you. Also take a look at how our aprons are made, from the raw British Bull Hide to the finished article.

You can also order up a leather sample here. If you’re thinking of buying there really is nothing better than having a piece of the actual hide in your hand to feel the quality of the leather.

So, why don’t you come on over and have a look. All it takes is a click.

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