The Smart Decision

April 19, 2018
April 19, 2018 stewart

The Smart Decision

with Quality Corporatewear Uniforms

With the office environment becoming ever more casual you would be forgiven for thinking archetype corporatewear was on its way out. With so many of the large, trendy, blue chip corporations sliding towards the Mark Zuckerberg casual look, the smart suit and stylish dress looks to be a dying fashion. That is, of course, wrong.

So many industries still rely on their staff to be well turned out and give that refined image to their clients. Whether it’s in the hospitality or the corporate world, looking your best has never been more important. With people today demanding a higher and higher standard of service you cannot afford to let things slip.

A refined appearance also promotes unity. Your team will feel part of something bigger, encouraging pride in the company they work for. While you can’t always please everyone, providing a good quality, well designed uniform goes a long way to appeasing those protests.


Here at Kylemark we realise this and can help keep your staff looking exceptional at all times. If it’s suits, skirts, dresses, blouses or shirts we can supply you with the quality yet affordable corporatewear that will give your customers confidence in your abilities.

So, what should you take into account when choosing your uniform? Unfortunately there’s no one formula fits all and every business has it’s own tastes and needs. But there are a few tips you should adhere to.

  1. Obviously the quality of the fabric plays a big part, in not only the durability of the garment but also the cost. Better quality fabrics obviously cost a bit more but if this outweighs a longer lasting garment it’s well worth the extra. Examine the types of fabric. Man made fabrics are more durable and will last long with frequent washes.
  1. Make sure the style picked has a wide size range. Every employee should have the opportunity to wear the same uniform and having restrictive sizing will cause problems in the long term.
  1. Don’t pick a style just for you. You have to make sure the style works across your entire work force. Something that will show off your staff at their best.
  1. It’s always a good idea to have something that’s easy to maintain and clean. Educate your staff on the correct processes and their uniforms will last much longer.
  1. Buy the correct number of garments. Skimping at the start can lead to more expense further down the line with garments wearing out much quicker. Make sure every employee has an adequate amount that they’re comfortable with maintaining on a weekly basis.

Another consideration is Tax Tabbing. Many companies oppose large logos and company names on their corporatewear as it detracts from the overall refined appearance but tax tabbing is a simple way to make your clothing tax exempt. Tax Tabbing is a understated form of branding, introducing a corporate logo subtly as a small tab which can be fixed in a variety of positions on most garments.

Our experienced staff can help take you through every step of the process, helping you make the right choices for your business.

Give us a call on 0800 756 0837 or drop us an email and we’ll endeavour to help.

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