A Stitch In Time Saves… a Fortune in Self Promotion

September 8, 2017
September 8, 2017 stewart

A Stitch In Time Saves… a Fortune in Self Promotion

The Advantages of an Embroidered Uniform.

You might not think that simple logo embroidery would do much for your business but it couldn’t be further from the truth. There have been several studies that show there are significant benefits to how your company is perceived.

Whether it’s polo shirts, aprons, waistcoats or hats, an embroidered design can really catch the eye, helping your brand stand out from the crowd. A well turned out cohesive workforce makes a lasting impression, showing your customers you are serious about what you do. If your customers trust you they’ll more than likely keep returning.

In turn your employees to will feel the benefits. A stylish, branded outfit will help make them feel part of a team which goes a long way to retaining a faithful staff.

We can embroider almost anything but with our twenty plus years of experience we will keep you on the right track. Hard wearing and able to withstand multiple washes, it’s ideal for reproducing anything from a simple one colour logo to complex multi coloured designs.

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