Hotel Spa & Leisure Staff Uniforms

March 10, 2019 Bob

Hotel Spa & Leisure Staff Uniforms

Helping create the belief of professionalism and sense of confidence with your guests.

You have to ask yourself why the majority of your customers come to your hotel? The answer, of course, is for relaxation. Therefore the hotel spa will probably one of the most important aspects of their visit. So making a good impression is essential.

Hotel spas can be wide and varied with anything from swimming pools and gyms to massage and saunas. Your staff have to be equipped properly to service every aspect of this department.

Your masseurs and beauticians.

The tunic is always the garment that springs to mind, and for good reason. It’s durable and stylish, usually made from the most modern fabrics. This makes it comfortable to wear on any long shift. Holding their colour well through wash after wash you can see why it’s the go to top for any hotel spa uniform.

Pair these with a smart straight leg trouser or leggings and you have a look that is functional and enjoyable to wear.

Aprons also are a great choice. Offering good protection these can be a much more cost effective solution. Bought in your corporate colours they can look very stylish with brand embroidery. Matched with a quality shirt, blouse or polo the overall look works well.

In the Gym.

Staff in gyms and pools will require something a bit more sporty. Polos, t-shirts, shorts, soft shells and track pants can all be coordinated and branded. This can make for a very striking uniform look. These style of garments are often made from the most state-of-the-art fabrics. Normally having the added bonus of good wicking properties for when the daily tasks get physical. This gives the wearer the greatest comfort and a highly durable uniform.

It is important though, to retain your uniform theme through-out all of these departments. Whether it’s having the one corporate colour or a range of complimenting shades. All of the garments should have your logo in one form or another. This can either be embroidery to chests and arms or a more subtle tax tab discretely on the hem. Either will let your customers know your staff member is part of the team.

In what can be a busy and varied section of the hotel business a quality uniform is essential. Kylemark can help with all aspects from concept to delivery. If you are interested in some advice give us a call on 01292 848100 or drop us an email and we’ll endeavour to help.

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