Hotel Grounds Maintenance Uniforms

March 6, 2019
March 6, 2019 Bob

Hotel Grounds Maintenance Uniforms

Working in all weathers, inside and out, your Maintenance staff need to be prepared all year round.

In larger Hotels with extensive grounds and perhaps many buildings you will probably have a dedicated team to upkeep gardens and property. Not only that, their other duties may include deliveries, making interaction with the public inevitable. So, a matching uniform is a must.

Maintenance uniforms are different to the rest of your hotel staff as they have to deal with everything the weather throws at them. You have to take into account the British climate. Warm and waterproof outer garments are a must. Anyone that works outside know the benefits of layering. Sweatshirts, fleeces, soft shells and waterproof jackets and trousers can all be colour coordinated to match uniform styles. All branded with either embroidery or print.

Under your top layers you should consider what type of work your employee will be doing. If in the grounds or out on deliveries t-shirts and polo shirts could be the perfect and are relatively inexpensive. A good work shirt is another possibility. All of which are cool and come in a large selection of styles and colours. These can easily be matched your corporate identity, and of course, your other staff members.

Cargo pants are the obvious choice when it comes to working outdoors. Hard wearing and versatile with plenty of pockets these trousers are designed for manual work. They can withstand a fair bit of abuse. Work shorts could also be and option particularly if working in the hot summer months in the hotel grounds.

A good pair of safety boots or shoes is a must. With such a variety of duties protection for their feet is crucial. No-one likes spending the day with wet feet so waterproofing is a must. You should weigh up what other types of protection are required, whether safety toes or type of sole.

In what can be a busy and varied section of the hotel business a quality uniform is essential. Kylemark can help with all aspects from concept to delivery. If you are interested in some advice give us a call on 01292 848100 or drop us an email and we’ll endeavour to help.

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