Everyone Looks Good in a Gingham Shirt ……..Yes, Everyone!

July 13, 2017
July 13, 2017 stewart

Everyone Looks Good in a Gingham Shirt ……..Yes, Everyone!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Checked, Gingham, Tartan or whatever you call it, is one of the most stylish, on trend uniforms any hospitality business should consider.

Before you start shouting at me, I know there’s a difference between the three so we’ll stick with Gingham for this blog. But why is it such a popular choice for bars, bistros and restaurants throughout the world?

Number one is versatility. Can you think of any setting that a Gingham shirt would look out of place? Ok, maybe a funeral but we’re talking hospitality here. With the huge variety of colours and check styles available any business can find a Gingham shirt that will match their identity. Whether its a swanky £10 a pint 5 start hotel or a beach front party bar at happy hour, you always look as if you belong.

Two is versatility. Yes, I know, that was number one but I can’t stress how flexible these are. Try thinking of a type of trouser that you’d match with these shirts, yup, you got it, anything. Jeans, dress trousers, cargo pants, suits, chinos, they all work. Tucked in or casually hanging out. They even look great with most skirts; though I really don’t have the knees for that.

Gingham can also be very forgiving; even if you haven’t had time to iron properly that morning or you’re a wee bit bulky around the mid-rift. The checks play tricks with the eye, smoothing out the fabric and shaving off a couple of inches.

Woman's Gingham Shirts for Work by Kylemark

So, why else Gingham? If styled correctly you can have a hospitality uniform that oozes class. Denim, cloth or leather aprons all pair well, pick the right apron and you’ll end up with a staff that look and feel great.

Well, that’s my feelings on the matter, but then again I might be bias, my wardrobe is full of check. I’m sure you will agree though, I do look good in Gingham.

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