Branded Embroidered Corporate Cotton Face Masks

August 18, 2020

Branded Embroidered Corporate Cotton Face Masks

UK Made with a large selection of over 60 colours these face masks are ready for fast delivery.

Face masks are here to stay, well for the foreseeable future at any rate. Disposables are all well and good but as the weeks and the months roll on the costs will add up as you replace your stock again and again. Not so with the reusable cotton style.

High quality and long lasting.

These face masks with you own corporate embroidery will last much much longer. Two ply with the option of an added filter you can be sure of their safety. The latest studies from Dukes University say that apart from your N95 and surgical masks cotton is a very effective way of stopping the spread.

The environmental toll to has to be considered. All of these throw away masks have to go somewhere and that will inevitably be landfill. Rewashing and reusing is always preferable to one use throw away. It just makes sense.

Large Colour Range Made In the UK

All of our masks are made on site to order in our UK factory. We have been through several designs to settle on our current style of mask which we feel gives a good amount of protection; with the option of slipping in an additional filter layer if you feel it necessary.

With over 60 colours to choose from, matching your corporate palette couldn’t be easier. And if you’re in the hospitality trade we can even match your face mask to our aprons.

Embroidered Branding

There is no more robust way of branding a garment than embroidery. We can embroider very complex designs with many colours so getting your corporate identity prominent on the mask is not a problem. The process is very easy and every step of the way is controlled in house.

With over two decades of experience in the uniform trade you can be sure of a great experience fro Kylemark. Why not give us a call on 0800 756 0837 to have a chat or just drop us an email.

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