The Cross Back Leather Apron

June 19, 2018 stewart

The Cross Back Leather Apron

A Classy Addition to Any Hospitality Uniform.

An apron’s an apron, right? Well, no. At Kylemark we specialise in so many styles and types of apron we can sometimes get confused ourselves. What with tablet pocket, short bar, long waist, short bib, long bib and cross back apron styles to choose from in either cotton, canvas, denim or leather you can see from the start that the choice is huge.

Add to that pocket styles, positions and fabric; tie and halter colours and materials; the different rivets, fasteners and eyelets, the combinations are staggering.

But for now let’s concentrate on the cross back apron. Normally seen as the daddy of all aprons and to some extent this is true. You’re able to customise the cross back in so many ways it’s hard not to look on it as the perfect choice.

You can cross back almost any type of bib apron but the top of the range is definitely the leather. Made from 100% British Bull hide and coming in tan, chestnut or black leather these aprons are robust and built to withstand the rigours of the Hospitality trade.

All are handmade in-house to the highest standard and can be easily personalised with embroidery or embossing.

The matching antique brass buckles, clasps, D-rings and rivets really help make this item look the part and would not feel out of place in any fashionable bar or restaurant. This apron is not all about functionality though, it’s making a statement, it’s a premium apron for a premium business but at an affordable price.

Designed to complement our range of leather aprons you can mix and match styles across your establishment. Perhaps short bar aprons for servers, long bib for glass collectors and the cross back for barmen. Team this with embroidered matching shirts and you have a cohesive high-end look that any pub or restaurant would love.

If you’re looking for more information pop over to our dedicated leather apron site for the full range or order your free swatch to feel the quality of our leather. Or just give us a call on 0800 756 0837 and discuss your requirements.

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