Branded Chef’s Uniforms

May 16, 2019
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May 16, 2019 Gary Clark

Branded Chef’s Uniforms

And the good news is you’re not restricted to the Classic Chef’s Whites.

Everyone knows what a chef looks like, right? White cotton jacket, checker board trousers and tall white hat. But these days that doesn’t have to be the case.

More and more restaurants and bars are happy to show off their kitchen staff and that being the case your chefs need to look the part.

Let’s start with the jacket.

As I said the standard go to are the chef’s whites, and why not, they look great and are a very practical solution. But there are many other factors to consider.


The type of fabric you chose will dictate how breathable your garment is. Polycotton is lighter and drys quicker so daily washing isn’t a problem. But this fabric doesn’t afford as much protection as a full cotton would. Cotton is heavier though and has less wicking properties. This can easily be remedied with incorporated mesh panels; jackets coming with different under arm and back ventilation.


Jackets come in many styles and it really is down to personal preference. New designs are coming all the time with the denim look very fashionable at the moment. Affording the same protection and wicking properties as your standard jackets it just puts a different slant on the norm.

Your whites don’t have to be plain though. Contrasting buttons, piping and collar colours are a great option.

You also have to think of the design of your jacket to. The two main styles are double and single breasted. Both have their advantages but it’s the double breasted that most chefs go for. Giving more front protection with its two layers of fabric it also means the wearer can easily reverse the flaps to hide any unfortunate spills or stains.


Chefs are on their feet all day and need to have a uniform that isn’t constrictive. The last thing you want is a jacket that hinders your movement. Make sure you have plenty of space to move and let air flow to keep you cool.

You also have the choice of long or short sleeve. Long sleeves obviously offer more protection but short are cooler. You can always roll sleeves up though.

Want more protection? Get an apron.

Many chefs also use an apron with the black and white striped cotton a standard. But why do you have to stick with the norm. There a literally hundreds of different styles and colours out there.

As with the jacket the fabric is important. Again polycotton is lighter but doesn’t afford the same protection as cotton. With polycotton you would think twice before using your apron to lift a hot pot. No such problem with cotton and if you use your apron this way definitely is the way to go.

And different finishes to can help make the apron stand out. Denim and canvas are very on trend and with your branding applied can really make a statement.

For the head.

The tall standing toque is the ubiquitous image of the chef but this style isn’t as popular these day. Skull caps and zandanas are very fashionable and practical. Coming in the same colours and fabrics as the jackets, getting a coordinated uniform couldn’t be easier.

Essential Chef’s trouser

There’s not much to be said here about the trouser. Standard check or plain black hide stains well and does a good a job of protecting the wearer. Normally loose fitting with elastic waistbands these are comfortable for a long hot shift in the kitchen. Newer styles are out there with more fashionable slim fitting variations available but it really is a personal preference.

Finish with your brand.

The finishing touch to any uniform is the branding. For the kitchen, embroidery is the way to go. It’s tough and durable, and is able to stand up to wash after wash better than any other type of branding.

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